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machancecasino Casino is one of the online gambling facilities in Canada that provides players with an outstanding and entertaining service. Here you can play online games like roulette, baccarat, and choose among the wide variety of online slots from the most reputable game manufacturers.

There are many reasons to consider the as an option to gamble in. You can get satisfied with the responsive user interface, or benefit from the promotions that bring you better gambling experience.

Along with the wide choice of games to play and advanced approach to user-friendliness the online casino is also featured by the high security standards and transparent gaming process. There are not so many online casinos that use RNG MD5 and are submitted to the international regulators in order to assure everyone that all the players get clear match results and casino administration doesn’t have any influence on the outcomes.

All of the reasons one has to consider the machancecasino Casino as an option will be disclosed in details in our fair review which you can use as a small guide and description of the online gambling facility.

The first thing we are going to start from in our article is overview of the website interface which plays a large role when you make a choice among the casinos as it is very important to have a smooth and user-friendly performance when you gamble so that nothing would make you distracted from gaining joy during the gaming process.

User Interface

User interface of this casino machancecasino is a masterpiece when it comes to usability. The design of the website allows you to feel the atmosphere and spirit of the most renowned Las Vegas casinos and unlike the majority of other websites you won’t see any unpleasant elements here.

What is good about the online casino is the fact it is well-colored and thus you can enjoy not only the gaming process itself but also a wonderful background. The website is also very user-friendly when it comes to navigation issues. No matter which section you want to reach or the kind of question you need to clarify it is very easy to do this via the main menu of the site where you can find payment options description, the list of promotions available or even try out the casino games for free.

Most of the gamblers are interested in having an opportunity to play their favorite casino games using the mobile app which the can download from the website of the service. For those of you who share that desire there are two news – one is the bad one and another is good one which is completely covers the bad one. There is no mobile app for Android or iPhone where you can play machancecasino casino games. However, the bright side is that you do not really need as the online casino offers an outstanding option for all the players – a well-optimized for mobile devices website. Thus, you can play your favorite games without downloading an app – just use the browser on the smartphone with the last Flash Player version installed.

Another thing many players look for and that has to be disclosed in the beginning is the availability of no deposit bonuses. Here you can be upset by the fact that there none of them available. However, do not rush to close the page down and forget about machancecasino online casino – you still can get a great amount of benefits due to the many promotions and loyalty program launched by the online casino. Read below to know more about that.

Of course, one of the most important features when it comes to user interface is the registration process. The more simple it is, the faster you can become the member of the club and with this issue there is everything okay for the machancecasino Casino. That’s why we are going to describe this in details in the next section.


The registration process for the online casino is as easy as possible. All you need to do is to press the Join Now button in the upper right corner of the page. Then you need to fill in the registration form in order to create your account.

Note that there are some geo restrictions, so not all the users can freely sign up to the website. These restrictions are not eligible for citizens of Canada, though. Some of the online casinos have a complicated and uncomfortable for users registration process, while in the Casino machancecasino all you need to do is to fill your personal data like name, email, phone number and set up the password you want to use for login.

Afterwards all you need to do is to confirm the registration by following the link sent to your mailbox right after you have signed up to the online casino.

It only takes a few minutes to bypass the registration process, thus it could be rather hard to have any issues in creation of account. However, if you have any problems during the signup you can contact the support service via the live chat and clarify questions that have arisen in order to get instant answer. You also can enter the FAQ section of the website where they have given answers on the most common question asked by users that had problems with registration.

Anyway, due to the simple registration process enabled on you won’t really have any issues at all.

After you get signed up to the online casino you will need get an opportunity to get some additional funds on your account upon your first deposit. The subject of special offers and promotions of the online casino is going to be disclosed in details in the next section.


The machancecasino Casino is a place where you gamble and make bets using the vast majority of online games designed to provide the better gaming experience for the users from Canada and all over the world, however, the website administration has made it all to even improve by enabling a wide variety of different bonuses and special offers for those who are being the members of the club.

All you need to claim any of the rewards is to get signed up, afterwards you need to comply the terms of the offer – make a deposit, claim one in a cashier – it all depends on the type of the promotion you are going to claim or the loyalty program you want to participate in.

Any way, below we are going to disclose the promotions and additional benefits players of the can claim. We are going to start with the bonuses for new players that have just signed up to the casino and have a choice whether to claim or not to claim welcome bonus.

Bonus for New Players

When you get signed up to the website there are two bonuses for new players you can claim for. There is a bonus code that allows you to get as much as you have deposited for the sums that do not exceed 250 Euro and there is also another bonus code which gives you additional sum which is three time more than your initial deposit in case you deposit up to 20 Euros.

The online Casino machancecasino is one of those few websites that gives you an opportunity to choose the bonus you want to use on your own. In the majority of other casinos you do not have options to choose from. All you can do is just take the welcome bonus they have which is not so good when you compare it to the approach.

You can use these bonuses to play any games that are presented in the online casino, and this is good for those who prefer to use long-term winning strategies instead of just spinning the wheel in sake of the victory.

You also can give up on the bonus if you want to as it is not obligatory to use the bonus code. What can be the reason to give up on it? Well, the thing is the wagering coefficient in the casino makes as much as 90 which is rather big coefficient when you compare it to others.

That means that in order to be able to withdraw the money you win with the bonus funds a player has to make bets on the sum that exceed his bonus balance for at least 90 times. For example, you have activated promo code to get $10 additionally on your account. Thus, in order to be able to withdraw funds after you win it is obligatory to make bets for $900. That can seem to be a serious reason to give up on the bonus, but hey, this online casino is paying out much so you have large chances to win even with such a wager limit. Moreover, some of the promo codes let you getting additional funds with the lesser wager, the 90 is only a standard one which is submitted for the majority of promotions.

There is one more thing that you need to know about how the machancecasino treat new players – anyone who makes the first deposit can claim 20 free spins. Free spins can be used when you play slot machines – that means that you get 20 free attempts to win a jackpot – isn’t that a nice promotion for you?

Although, there are absent no deposit bonuses you still can get great advantages with the existing welcome offers for the new players combined with other special promotions and unique features presented in the casino lobby.

Along with the bonuses for the new players, there are also many other offers that can improve your gambling experience – check the Bonus Wheel we are going to talk about in the next section.

Bonus Wheel

Bonus Wheel is a mini game that is available for all of the players that play in the online casino machancecasino. You can use this mini game to get additional bonuses and perks on your account. All you need to do is only to spin the wheel and in several seconds you wheel found out the rewards casino offers you.

The wheel can be played once a day by each of the active players of the online casino, so do not hesitate to use this extremely fresh and unique promotion for your good. In a standard situation you can get a bonus that makes from 30% to 100% from the deposit you make and this can be a real present for those of us who prefer to use strategies to win, not just relying on the luck which is the more advanced approach to gambling.

Thus, you can use these bonuses on more than 99 slot machines that are presented in the lobby of the online casino.

Other Promotions

Along with the promo codes for all new players and the Bonus Wheel that can be played on the daily basis there are also other valuable promotions that need to be mentioned. You can get bonus points, additional bonuses on your deposits and many other perks like a cashback, for example if you participate in the occasional events held by the administration. It is always a good idea if you want to get the most from your membership.

Just regularly check your inbox to be sure that you get updated and informed on the offers provided by the online casino as most of the marketing campaigns held by it are made for your good.

By the way, in case you want to know more about the special promotions and hidden perks you always can contact the support service via the live chat. Show the administration that you are interested in getting more various bonuses and you will get responded as a matter of a fact.

VIP Program

The VIP Program in the machancecasino was launched to reward the most loyal and dedicated gamblers. Thanks to this program those who play more than others can get outstanding benefits and bonuses that are really unique if you compare the terms and conditions of the machancecasino casino with other online casinos. Just look at the table below to see how cool are the conditions for the VIP Program members.

There are seven levels one can apply for and each level is characterized by the unique benefits and the more is your level the better perks you gain when playing. For example, the cashback is all about returning you money you have lost while gambling which is an ideal way to keep you in the game no matter how much money you have spent on slot machines or roulette.

Another perk is an access to special VIP promotions – those are much more profitable and attractive than all those available for other players, thus it should be worthy to claim for the higher status in the hierarchy of the casino club.

You also can get free spins on new games. That’s how that works – when the online casino present new game in the category section you or any other member of the VIP Program with a Chrome or higher status can get free spins which can be used to win real money completely for free. That increases your chances to win casino dramatically, thus you may want to comply the requirements of the program.

For all those who want to get a personal attitude there is another perk which is called VIP Manager. Your personal manager will advice you the best promotions and activities and of course you will get as much personalization as possible while you use this online casino.

When you make withdrawal on a credit card or via the wire transfer there can be a break of several days during which your payment is processed by the bank, financial medias and casino. For all those who are the member of the elite part of VIP program there are enabled perks that allow them to withdraw funds faster- ,much faster than all other players who need to wait up to 5 banking days, which sometimes means more than a week to get their funds on the account.

At least, you can claim outstanding limits for withdrawal and depositing. For now the maximum sum you can withdraw makes 1500 Euros per week. Do you want to get a bigger sum? What if you are playing the casino and win jackpot that makes more than several hundred of thousands of dollars and you need to get them withdrawn faster than that? Well, then you know the way to achieve that – just become the member of the elite club and get all you want.

Payout Rate

Payout rate of the online casino is the amount of sum paid out divided on the amount of funds deposited on the service balance. That’s how it looks like – for example, there were made deposits on 1000$ in the casino by 100 players during the specified period. These players have played the casino games and the sum of winnings for all players has made 950$. Thus, in order to find out the payout rate an online casino has to divide $950 on $1000 and get a coefficient of 95%. Thus, the payout rate of the online casino makes 95%. That means that in average casino wins only 5% of the total funds deposited and players earn as much as 95% of all the funds deposited.

There also can be calculated payout rate for each game, for different periods, though, there are many types of payout rates presented. It can be rather hard for a regular player to estimate whether the payout rate is adequate as there can be different approaches to calculation of this coefficient, however, there are international organizations that check the payout rate and they can provide an advanced examination of this indicator. The machancecasino online casino is one of those websites that provides a constant check of its payout rate which is executed by the trusted international organization TST.

According to the TST estimation the payout rate of the online casino is good enough, thus it is a good place to gamble in. Note that the majority of casinos do not have such a transparency in their operations.

Disclosing the payout rate to the international organizations is one of the ways to assure players that the facility treats them by justice and it is also a part of fair play policy which is going to be disclosed in the sections below. And now it would be a good idea to tell you more about the loyalty program enabled in the online casino.

Demo Gambling

You cannot call something good unless you try it out, so when it comes to games, books or movies we always get something in advance to estimate whether the product is good. For movies there are trailers, for books we read annotations and for games it is a free trial period which we can use to try the game out and choose whether we do or do not want to play it.

That is the approach enforced by the online casino machancecasino. You can enter website and try out all the free games which you can then play on real money. In order to try the games out you do not even need to get signed up – just enter the category section and choose the games you want to play – you will get a demo guest account with bonus points on the balance in order to play free games.

There are no limitations enforced for the such activity and you can play all the games for free and take your time until you decide to get to the playing for real money. If you have an account on the website just log out from it to be able to play for free as for registered users there is no such a function to use.


For all those who want to experience outstanding gambling the Casino machancecasino can be a brilliant option which grants all of the players as much joy as possible thanks to the fair gambling policy enabled and the big amount of various functions that are not able for other casinos like the advanced multi-level VIP program, daily promotions with the Bonus Wheel and of course outstanding and astonishing welcome offers which are as good as possible even without the no deposit bonuses presented.

So why to hesitate on whether to get signed up to the online casino. Moreover, if you want to play the outstanding games presented in the category section of the machancecasino there is no need to register- all you need to do is to enter the section and choose the free game you want to play, and if you like some you can create an account in few minutes and make a deposit to play for real money.

James Moody